7/21/12 Dillon Cubs vs Bozeman Spikes
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Top of inning 1
#1 E PetersonBall, Line Drive00
#8 C MiotkeStrike (looking), Ball, Foul, Double, [C Miotke Tagged Out at Third]00
#7 M SimkinsStrike (looking), Ground out00
Bottom of inning 1
#2 B HostetlerGround out00
#7 J KearnsBall, Foul, Ball, Foul, Ground out00
#14 D PerdaemsBall, Fly out00
Top of inning 2
#3 D StarkelBall, Triple00
#15 D WomackStrike (looking), Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Foul, Dropped 3rd Strike - Safe, [D Starkel Scores], [D Womack advances to Second on error by First Baseman D Perdaems]10
#17 G LafrentzBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Ground out10
#16 L WilsonStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Foul, Strikeout Swinging10
#19 C OlsonGround out10
Bottom of inning 2
#22 J WillardFoul, Single10
#19 J HapeSacrifice Bunt, [J Willard advances to Second]10
#15 A FranklinBall, Ground out, [J Willard advances to Third on the throw]10
#20 J ThayerStrike (looking), Hit by Pitch10
#13 N BrownStrike (looking), Single, [J Willard Scores], [J Thayer advances to Second]11
#6 M HostetlerBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Foul, Strikeout Swinging11
Top of inning 3
#2 N SimkinsBunt Single11
#1 E PetersonBall, Strike (looking), [N Simkins steals Second], Sacrifice Bunt, [N Simkins advances to Third]11
#8 C MiotkeBall, Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Walk11
#7 M SimkinsBall, [C Miotke advances to Second on Defensive Indifference], Sacrifice Fly, [N Simkins Scores], [C Miotke advances to Third on the throw]21
#3 D StarkelStrike (looking), Strike (looking), Fly out21
Bottom of inning 3
#2 B HostetlerBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk21
#7 J KearnsBall, Ball, [B Hostetler advances to Second on error by First Baseman L Wilson], ** On 2 to 3 pickoff attempt **, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Fly out21
#14 D PerdaemsBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Reach on Error, [B Hostetler Scores on error by Shortstop M Simkins], [D Perdaems advances to Third on error by Shortstop M Simkins]22
#22 J WillardSingle, [D Perdaems Scores], [J Willard advances to Third on error by Left Fielder G Lafrentz]23
#19 J HapeBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ground out23
#15 A FranklinFly out23
Top of inning 4
#15 D WomackBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk23
#17 G LafrentzStrike (looking), Reached on Fielder Choice, [D Womack Forced Out at Second]23
#16 L WilsonStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Strikeout Looking, [G Lafrentz steals Second]23
#19 C OlsonBall, Strike (looking), Single, [G Lafrentz Tagged Out at Home]23
Bottom of inning 4
#20 J ThayerJ Richardson replaces N Simkins as Second Baseman, N Simkins replaces G Lafrentz as Left Fielder, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging23
#13 N BrownStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Fly out23
#6 M HostetlerBall, Strike (looking), Fly out23
Top of inning 5
#2 N SimkinsBall, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Foul, Single23
#1 E PetersonBall, Strike (looking), [N Simkins steals Second], Foul, Strikeout Looking23
#8 C MiotkeBall, Strike (looking), Ball, [N Simkins advances to Third on Wild Pitch], Ball, Ball, Walk23
#7 M SimkinsBall, [N Simkins steals Home and Scores], [C Miotke steals Second], Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Ball, [C Miotke Picked Off at Second], Single33
#3 D StarkelStrike (looking), Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, [M Simkins advances to Second on error by First Baseman D Perdaems], Fly out33
Bottom of inning 5
#2 B HostetlerBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, Ground out33
#7 J KearnsLine Drive33
#14 D PerdaemsFly out33
Top of inning 6
#15 D WomackB Hostetler replaces J Hape as Pitcher, J Hape replaces D Perdaems as First Baseman, D Perdaems replaces N Brown as Third Baseman, N Brown replaces M Hostetler as Left Fielder, M Hostetler replaces B Hostetler as Center Fielder, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Line Drive33
#10 J RichardsonJ Richardson replaces G Lafrentz on offense, Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Line Drive33
#16 L WilsonBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Fly out33
Bottom of inning 6
#22 J WillardBall, Double33
#19 J HapeSingle, [J Willard Scores]34
#15 A FranklinFoul, Fly out34
#20 J ThayerBunt Single, [J Hape advances to Second]34
#13 N BrownGround out, [J Hape advances to Second], Double Play!34
Top of inning 7
#19 C OlsonBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk34
#2 N SimkinsBall, Ball, Sacrifice Bunt, [C Olson advances to Second]34
#1 E PetersonBall, Ball, Hit by Pitch34
#8 C MiotkeBall, Foul, Hit by Pitch, [C Olson advances to Third], [E Peterson advances to Second]34
#7 M SimkinsFly out, [C Olson Scores on error by Third Baseman D Perdaems], [E Peterson Scores on Ball Out of Play], [C Miotke advances to Third on Ball Out of Play]54
#3 D StarkelBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk54
#15 D WomackGround out54
Bottom of inning 7
#6 M HostetlerC Miotke replaces C Olson as Pitcher, C Olson replaces C Miotke as Third Baseman, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Single54
#2 B HostetlerBunt Single, [M Hostetler advances to Second]54
#7 J KearnsReached on Fielder Choice, [M Hostetler Forced Out at Third]54
#14 D PerdaemsStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ground out, [B Hostetler advances to Third], [J Kearns advances to Second]54
#22 J WillardStrike (looking), Strike (looking), Strikeout Looking54
Top of inning 8
#10 J RichardsonStrike (looking), Strike (looking), Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk54
#16 L WilsonStrike (looking), Ball, [J Richardson advances to Third on error by Catcher J Willard], Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging54
#19 C OlsonStrike (looking), Ball, Fly out, [J Richardson Tagged Out at Home]54
Bottom of inning 8
#19 J HapeBall, Ground out54
#15 A FranklinFoul, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ground out54
#20 J ThayerFoul, Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging54
Top of inning 9
#2 N SimkinsStrike (looking), Single54
#1 E PetersonStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, [N Simkins steals Second], Strike (looking), Ball, Line Drive54
#8 C MiotkeHit by Pitch54
#7 M SimkinsStrike (looking), Double Play!, Ground out54
Bottom of inning 9
#13 N BrownGround out54
#6 M HostetlerBall, Ground out54
#2 B HostetlerBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Foul, Ground out54

Visitor FieldingInning
C Miotke3B3B3B3B3B3BPPP
G LafrentzLFLFLF------
L Wilson1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B
J Richardson---2B2B2B2B2B2B
D Cross---------
M Walsh---------
B Goody---------
C Zimmerman---------
N Marquez---------
J Canfield---------
Home FieldingInning
J Kearns2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B
D Perdaems1B1B1B1B1B3B3B3B3B
B Moosman---------
M Holloran---------
D Gaetano---------
B Coffman---------