7/20/12 Anaconda As vs Bozeman Spikes
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Top of inning 1
#23 E BoydBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball, Foul, Ball, Walk00
#13 C ForkanBall, Foul, [E Boyd Picked Off at First], Fly out00
#22 J BarclayStrike (looking), Reach on Error00
#15 C Canfield[J Barclay advances to Second on Wild Pitch], [J Barclay advances to Third on error by Pitcher D Gaetano], Ball, Strike (looking), Hit by Pitch00
#11 C StanberryFly out00
Bottom of inning 1
#2 B HostetlerBall, Strike (looking), Ground out00
#7 J KearnsBall, Fly out00
#14 D PerdaemsBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk00
#22 J WillardBall, Single, [D Perdaems Tagged Out at Third]00
Top of inning 2
#48 A OrrinoFoul, Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk00
#7 D FloresBall, Ball, Fly out00
#3 D ConradyStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Strikeout Looking00
#33 C MeyerBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk, [A Orrino advances to Second]00
#23 E BoydBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Foul, Double, [A Orrino Scores], [C Meyer advances to home but does not score], ** meyers held up at 3b did not score **10
#13 C ForkanStrike (looking), Ground out10
Bottom of inning 2
#19 J HapeStrike (looking), Double10
#20 J ThayerBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk10
#4 D GaetanoBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Reach on Error, [J Hape advances to Third], [J Thayer advances to Second]10
#13 N BrownBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk, [J Hape Scores], [J Thayer advances to Third], [D Gaetano advances to Second]11
#6 M HostetlerBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk, [J Thayer Scores], [D Gaetano advances to Third], [N Brown advances to Second]12
#2 B HostetlerBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk, [D Gaetano Scores], [N Brown advances to Third], [M Hostetler advances to Second]13
#7 J KearnsJ Barclay replaces A Orrino as Pitcher, A Orrino replaces E Boyd as Third Baseman, E Boyd replaces J Barclay as Shortstop, C Canfield out as Right Fielder, Strike (looking), Single, [N Brown Scores], [M Hostetler Scores], [B Hostetler advances to Third], [J Kearns Tagged Out at Second]15
#14 D PerdaemsBall, Single, [B Hostetler Scores]16
#22 J WillardBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Single, [D Perdaems advances to Third]16
#19 J HapeReached on Fielder Choice, [D Perdaems Scores], [J Willard advances to Second]17
#20 J ThayerReach on Error, [J Willard Scores], [J Hape advances to Third], [J Thayer advances to Second on the throw]18
#4 D GaetanoBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Ground out, [J Hape Scores], [J Thayer advances to Third]19
#13 N BrownBall, Ball, Single, [J Thayer Scores]110
#6 M HostetlerStrike (looking), Ground out110
Top of inning 3
#22 J BarclayBall, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Walk110
#15 C CanfieldReached on Fielder Choice, [J Barclay Forced Out at Second]110
#11 C StanberryStrike (looking), Strike (looking), Ball, Single, [C Canfield advances to Second]110
#48 A OrrinoStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Line Drive, [C Canfield advances to Second], Double Play!110
Bottom of inning 3
#2 B HostetlerBall, Line Drive110
#7 J KearnsStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Double110
#14 D PerdaemsBall, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ground out, [J Kearns advances to Third on the throw]110
#22 J WillardBall, C Canfield becomes Right Fielder, Fly out110
Top of inning 4
#7 D FloresFly out110
#3 D ConradyFly out110
#33 C MeyerBall, Strike (looking), Line Drive110
Bottom of inning 4
#19 J HapeBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Single110
#20 J ThayerDouble Play!, Ground out110
#4 D GaetanoReach on Error110
#13 N BrownBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Strikeout Swinging110
Top of inning 5
#23 E BoydBall, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Walk110
#13 C ForkanBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk, [E Boyd advances to Second]110
#22 J BarclayDouble, [E Boyd Scores], [C Forkan Scores]310
#15 C CanfieldTriple, [J Barclay Scores]410
#11 C StanberryStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk410
#48 A OrrinoN Brown replaces D Gaetano as Pitcher, J Willard replaces N Brown as Third Baseman, D Gaetano replaces J Willard as Center Fielder, Strike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Fly out, [C Canfield Tagged Out at Third], [C Stanberry advances to Second on the throw]410
#7 D FloresStrike (looking), Fly out410
Bottom of inning 5
#6 M HostetlerStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Double410
#2 B HostetlerReach on Error, [M Hostetler advances to Third on the throw]410
#7 J KearnsBall, Single, [M Hostetler Scores], [B Hostetler advances to Second]411
#14 D PerdaemsBall, Ball, Ground out, Double Play!, [J Kearns advances to Second]411
#22 J WillardSingle, [J Kearns advances to Third]411
#19 J HapeSingle, [J Kearns Scores], [J Willard Scores]413
#20 J ThayerStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Fly out413
Top of inning 6
#3 D ConradyA Franklin replaces D Gaetano as Center Fielder, Single413
#33 C MeyerBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Single, [D Conrady advances to Second]413
#23 E BoydBall, Fly out413
#13 C ForkanBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Ball, Reached on Fielder Choice, [D Conrady advances to Third], [C Meyer Forced Out at Second]413
#22 J BarclayFly out413
Bottom of inning 6
#15 A FranklinA Franklin replaces D Gaetano on offense, Ball, Ball, Ground out413
#13 N BrownStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Walk413
#6 M HostetlerBall, Strike (looking), Fly out413
#2 B HostetlerBall, Fly out413
Top of inning 7
#15 C CanfieldFly out413
#11 C StanberryFoul, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Line Drive413
#48 A OrrinoBall, Fly out413
Bottom of inning 7
#7 J KearnsStrike (looking), Ground out413
#14 D PerdaemsFoul, Fly out413
#22 J WillardBall, Ball, Single413
#19 J HapeStrike (looking), Foul, Ball, Foul, Foul, Single, [J Willard advances to Second]413
#20 J ThayerFly out413
Top of inning 8
#7 D FloresFly out413
#3 D ConradyLine Drive413
#33 C MeyerStrike (looking), Ball, Ground out413
Bottom of inning 8
#15 A FranklinStrike (looking), Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk413
#13 N BrownBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Strikeout Looking413
#6 M HostetlerBall, [A Franklin Caught Stealing], Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk413
#2 B HostetlerFoul, Single, [M Hostetler advances to Second]413
#7 J KearnsFly out413
Top of inning 9
#23 E BoydBall, Fly out413
#13 C ForkanSingle413
#22 J BarclaySingle, [C Forkan advances to Second]413
#15 C CanfieldBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Hit by Pitch, [C Forkan advances to Third], [J Barclay advances to Second]413
#11 C StanberryStrike (looking), Reach on Error, [C Forkan Scores], [J Barclay Scores on error by Third Baseman J Willard], [C Canfield advances to Second]613
#48 A OrrinoDouble Play!, Ground out613

Visitor FieldingInning
A OrrinoPP, 3B3B3B3B3B3B3B-
D Conrady1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B-
C Meyer2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B-
K Mcgeever---------
J Mcdonald---------
B Napier---------
M Monaco---------
G Shelton---------
S Scholler---------
Home FieldingInning
J Kearns2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B2B
J Hape1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B1B
D GaetanoPPPPP, CF----
N Brown3B3B3B3B3B, PPPPP
B Moosman---------
M Holloran---------
A Franklin-----CFCFCFCF
B Coffman---------