7/19/12 Deer Lodge Wranglers vs Gallatin Valley Outlaws
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Top of inning 1
#10 J VasquezBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Dropped 3rd Strike - Thrown Out00
#8 K StrykerBall, Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Line Drive00
#5 D CroweLine Drive00
Bottom of inning 1
#10 K BriggsBall, Foul, Foul, Ball, Fly out00
#24 R KulbeckBall, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Single00
#8 G FilippiniFoul, Ball, Ball, Ball, Fly out00
#15 T JohnsonBall, Ball, Homerun!, [R Kulbeck Scores]02
#55 J WoodwardFly out02
Top of inning 2
#25 L DoironStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Ground out02
#14 D WalkerFoul, Ball, Single02
#6 T SurinaFoul, Ball, Strike (looking), Single, [D Walker advances to Second]02
#13 T StoneBall, Foul, Ball, Foul, Ball, Strikeout Swinging02
#3 K LoweryStrike (looking), Foul, Ball, Fly out02
Bottom of inning 2
#16 C SchnurBall, Ball, Line Drive02
#22 J CarlsonStrike (looking), Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Foul, Ball, Walk02
#50 J HolmesBall, Foul, Foul, Ball, [J Carlson Caught Stealing], Strikeout Swinging02
Top of inning 3
#4 S DanforthBall, Ground out02
#10 J VasquezStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Fly out02
#8 K StrykerFly out02
Bottom of inning 3
#99 D FilippiniStrike (looking), Ball, Line Drive02
#10 K BriggsSingle02
#24 R KulbeckBall, Ball, Strike (looking), Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Foul, Ball, Walk, [K Briggs advances to Second]02
#8 G FilippiniBall, Fly out02
#15 T JohnsonBall, Ball, Fly out02
Top of inning 4
#5 D CroweGround out02
#25 L DoironBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Foul, Foul, Ball, Walk02
#14 D WalkerFly out02
#6 T SurinaFoul, Reached on Fielder Choice, [L Doiron Forced Out at Second]02
Bottom of inning 4
#55 J WoodwardBall, Strike (looking), Single02
#16 C SchnurBall, Fly out02
#22 J CarlsonStrike (looking), Strike (looking), Foul, Fly out02
#50 J HolmesBall, Ball, Ball, Reached on Fielder Choice, [J Woodward Forced Out at Second]02
Top of inning 5
#13 T StoneBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk02
#3 K LowerySacrifice Bunt, [T Stone advances to Second]02
#4 S DanforthBall, Ball, Single, [T Stone advances to Third]02
#10 J VasquezReach on Error, [T Stone Scores], [S Danforth advances to Second]12
#8 K StrykerFly out12
#5 D CroweHit by Pitch, [S Danforth advances to Third], [J Vasquez advances to Second]12
#25 L DoironBall, [S Danforth Scores on Wild Pitch], [J Vasquez advances to Third on Wild Pitch], [D Crowe advances to Second on Wild Pitch], Fly out22
Bottom of inning 5
#99 D FilippiniBall, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk22
#10 K BriggsStrike (looking), Ball, Foul, Ball, Foul, Ball, Ball, Walk, [D Filippini advances to Second]22
#24 R KulbeckBall, Foul, Foul, Strikeout Swinging22
#8 G FilippiniBall, Foul, Single, [D Filippini Scores], [K Briggs Scores on error by Right Fielder T Surina], [G Filippini advances to Second on error by Right Fielder T Surina]24
#15 T JohnsonGround out, [G Filippini advances to Third]24
#55 J WoodwardBall, Fly out24
Top of inning 6
#14 D WalkerBall, Fly out24
#6 T SurinaBall, Foul, Foul, Ball, Strikeout Swinging24
#13 T StoneFoul, Strike (looking), Reach on Error24
#3 K LoweryBall, Single, [T Stone advances to Second]24
#4 S DanforthFoul, Ball, Hit by Pitch, [T Stone advances to Third], [K Lowery advances to Second]24
#10 J VasquezBall, Ball, Fly out24
Bottom of inning 6
#16 C SchnurBall, Double24
#22 J CarlsonBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Walk24
#50 J HolmesStrike (looking), Reached on Fielder Choice, [C Schnur Offensive Interference at Third], [J Carlson advances to Second]24
#99 D FilippiniReached on Fielder Choice, [J Carlson Scores on error by Shortstop D Walker], [J Holmes advances to Third on error by Shortstop D Walker]25
#10 K BriggsBall, Strike (looking), Single, [J Holmes Scores]26
#24 R KulbeckReach on Error, [D Filippini advances to Third], [K Briggs advances to Second]26
#8 G FilippiniDouble, [D Filippini Scores], [K Briggs Scores], [R Kulbeck Scores], [G Filippini advances to Third on the throw]29
#15 T JohnsonT Stone replaces J Vasquez as Pitcher, J Vasquez replaces D Walker as Shortstop, D Walker replaces T Stone as Left Fielder, Double, [G Filippini Scores]210
#55 J WoodwardBall, Strike (looking), Single, [T Johnson Scores]211
#16 C SchnurBall, Ball, Foul, Foul, Foul, Foul, Double, [J Woodward Scores]212
#22 J CarlsonBall, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk212
#50 J HolmesStrike (looking), Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk, [C Schnur advances to Third], [J Carlson advances to Second]212
#99 D FilippiniBall, Ball, C Van Dyken replaces J Holmes on offense, Strike (looking), Foul, Strikeout Swinging212
#10 K BriggsStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Foul, Ball, Walk, [C Schnur Scores], [J Carlson advances to Third], [C Van Dyken advances to Second]213
#24 R KulbeckBall, Ball, [J Carlson Scores on Wild Pitch], [C Van Dyken advances to Third on Wild Pitch], [K Briggs advances to Second on Wild Pitch], Ball, Strike (looking), Ball, Walk214
#8 G FilippiniStrike (looking), Ball, Foul, Ball, Strikeout Swinging214
Top of inning 7
#8 K StrykerC Van Dyken replaces J Holmes as Right Fielder, Ball, Ball, Strike (looking), Single214
#5 D CroweJ Carlson replaces D Allen as Pitcher, T Johnson replaces J Carlson as Second Baseman, Fly out214
#25 L DoironReached on Fielder Choice, [K Stryker Forced Out at Second]214
#14 D WalkerStrike (looking), Ball, Ball, Ball, Ball, Walk, [L Doiron advances to Second]214
#6 T SurinaStrike (looking), Strike (looking), Reached on Fielder Choice, [L Doiron advances to Third], [D Walker Forced Out at Second], ** Game over by 10 rum rule **214

Visitor FieldingInning
J VasquezPPPPPP, SS-
L Doiron1B1B1B1B1B1B-
K Lowery3B3B3B3B3B3B-
S Danforth2B2B2B2B2B2B-
L Danforth-------
T Gilmore-------
H Benjamin-------
D Pfaff-------
S Mattice-------
Home FieldingInning
T Johnson3B3B3B3B3B3B3B
J Woodward1B1B1B1B1B1B1B
J Carlson2B2B2B2B2B2B2B, P
D FilippiniCCCCCCC
B Bitterman-------
R Frye-------
M Nunez-------
C Van Dyken------RF
T Johnson------2B
B Mourer-------